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Our Culture

We have created an environment in which people feel comfortable to train with us, we are here fort he long game not just a quick fix.


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Meet the team


Paddy is the owner of Monster Lab Strength. He is the head programmer for our athletes. 

Paddy studied Sports Science at UCLAN before Joining Wigan Warriors. He specialises in Strength, Rugby and Combat athletes and understands the stages of performance an athlete must go through to make it to the top!

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Joe is a personal trainer, programmer and class lead. He strives for good communication, honesty and technical attention to detail. 

"I started Training at Monster Lab with Paddy 5 years ago, it has allowed me to  develop my powerlifting and get into strongman competition. The goal is always to do the best you can, with what you’ve got, in the moment you are in". 


Sports Therapist; Jack has a masters degree from UCLAN in sports therapy and has worked with professional athletes at Blackpool academy and is the current Wigan Warriors women’s Super league team head physio. He is a novice strong man athlete and passionate about supporting people to hit their goals and reach the full potential

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Kaitlin is currently a Wigan Warriors Super league and England Knights player, She has received the young player of the year award for the last 2 years in a row.

"I started training at Monster Lab with the aim to become stronger and more powerful. Training at Monster Lab encouraged me to compete in my first strongwomen competition in January. My physical composition has changed significantly with a large increase in my
muscle mass. With The support of Paddy and Monster lab my aim is to excel in my rugby career to the highest level
and create an opportunity to compete in another strength competition".


Jordan is a National Level Wrester.

"I have been Olympic wrestling for over 10 years and selected to represent Great Britain. I'm a 3 x Scottish and northern region champion, last year I finished 8th in one of the biggest competitions in
Europe. I train at Monster lab because I want to be the best version of myself and believe Paddy and the Monster Lab team can take me to that next level.  my goals are too become the best wrestler as I possibly can and progress through the ranks to hopefully be selected for the World championships". 

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Connor has lost over 4 stone training with Paddy and the Monster Lab team and is now on his way to being a Strong man competitor.

"I played rugby for 11 years as a prop at St Pats. The reason i train is I enjoy the challenge, pushing myself to my limits every training session. I studied BTEC in sports science as I enjoyed seeing the methods and theories of training and how they work. Training at Monster Lab has changed my life, i love training and it has helped me physically, mentally and socially. 

My goal is to keep progressing, getting stronger, fitter, and win a strong man competition. 

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